Mission Trips

Mission Trips That Make A Difference

We believe the greatest transformations happen when we work hand in hand with the communities we serve. Listening to their needs, we plan together and come alongside them to achieve their goals and improve their lives both now and in the future.

A mission trip allows you to give of yourself, serve others, and make a meaningful contribution to so many.  Our trips change lives… including your own. Join us!

A Trip For Everyone

Ages 5 to 70+, our trips are multigenerational and family-friendly. We believe all ages have something special to contribute and always match assignments to abilities!

A Trip You’ll Never Forget

There is nothing like standing in a small village and seeing firsthand both the great needs and the joyful spirit of the people. While we go to give, what we get back is immeasurable.

Travel gives us our greatest stories, our most cherished memories and countless irreplaceable learnings that we can choose to pay forward to others. It teaches us about ourselves and each other, it broadens our horizons and, just like a reset button, it forces us to refocus on what really matters.

Give your time and resources to serve others and be a humble picture of God’s love to the vulnerable communities in Uganda. You can visit on a short or long mission trip and volunteer as an individual, student, family, couple or a group for a minimum of at least one month and more. Days and one (1) week to three (3) weeks can also be arranged in special cases. 

Uganda  is honestly the most beautiful country in Africa, the people, the food, the wildlife you will fall in love with it all. Your trip, stay and volunteer time in Uganda will give you some more feeling about the wildlife which holds most of the national parks, Mountain Gorillas, culture, water falls, beaches, slum walk among others.