Donate Now, Make Payments?

You can choose to make a onetime donation or grant towards the food, education, medical, community outreach and Skills development projects, school construction, water project, toilet renovations and daily needs of the children.

As an organization, we endeavor to meet their physical, social, economic and spiritual needs, as part of our holistic approach to childcare and empowerment. We encourage all children under our care to explore, discover and develop their gifts and talents and to pursue those gifts and dreams through education, training and mentoring and become fulfilled God fearing adults.

Financial Accountability:
At Peculiar Organization we recognize that all that we have belongs to God and we are only stewards of the resources God gives to us. As such, we endeavor to maintain the highest standard of financial accountability, applying the best accounting principles to the funds donated to our work.

We apply 100% of all donations, without exception, to the specific project or program for which it was intended by the donor and no other. When you make a donation targeted to a specific project you can be rest assured the organization will apply 100% of the designated funds to the project for which you intended and no other.
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