Empower Young Adults

When young people are equipped and empowered, communities are transformed. We are committed to developing young leaders so they can go out and bring hope to their communities. We engage with young adults, to prepare them to lead by modelling Christ-like character in their areas of influence.

The discipleship and Leadership Training Program is designed to disciple young adults to become transformational leaders. They grow in leadership knowledge, skills, and values so they can become agents of transformation in their homes, schools, churches, and communities.

We also provide and empower the young adults in communities with Vocational Skills in fashion and design, hairdressing, computer skills and sensitize them about the current dangers of (HIV/AIDS and Early pregnancy), Breaking the York of vulnerability to a successful and desirable life so as to eradicate poverty in the community and envision a world where girls and young women get to reach and tap into their full potential and develop into economically independent, empowered young adults who can fully contribute to their families and community.