In 2012, Samuel Kuteesa a trained transformational leader, follower of Jesus Christ and a social entrepreneur by profession, set out to address the increasing obstacles orphaned children and poor communities in Uganda face. Today, many more individuals and groups have joined the cause and made it their mission too.

Samuel founded Peculiar Child Care Support, as a compassionate response to the plight of the millions of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

The children are rescued, taken care of, educated, and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to realize their full potential as well as growing up to become Godly, innovative, self-sustaining and productive leaders. Schools are set up for children to receive a formal Christian education.

I grew up from a humble Christian family background by a faithful widow-single mother of eight children in a slum (Ghetto) community called Kawempe – Bwaise, an area close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda. I am the last of the 8 children and after the death of our father, as a family we went through a lot of hardships right from childhood and encountered all the would-be family and children related challenges and problems most especially in  relation to accessing of school fees and other basic requirements of life.

Good news, I came to know the Lord as my personal savior in 1999 January when I was a little boy of 15 years. This was the time I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Since then, he has been my Lord, savior, friend, comforter, healer, provider to mention, but a few. He has seen me through it all and has raised me from dust to this office of servant leadership as the bible calls it. I therefore have no regrets for knowing Christ, being at his service and standing up to fight for social justice especially for the underprivileged, disadvantaged, the poor, orphans and vulnerable children, women and youth.

I am married to Mary and we are both passionate about serving children, youth and sharing God’s love. We are a host family in Uganda for missionaries and mission teams and also work to meet the needs of many around us, believing it’s our calling from God.

Am a trained Christian leader, mentor, disciple and social entrepreneur by profession, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Community education Of Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda. My life-long passion; enthusiasm and desire turned into a full-time work commitment as an Executive Director, doing what He loves best and gaining valuable knowledge and experience in managing the organization.

In conclusion, I say; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.