Our Story

Samuel Kuteesa | Executive Director


Samuel is a dynamic and dedicated young married man of African origin from Uganda, a social worker by profession, a motivational writer, and preacher of the gospel. He is passionate about helping people in need especially the children, young people and making a difference in the community, exploring and learning new cultures, traveling, listening to much, networking and making friends.

He grow up and raised from a humble Christian family of eight (8) children and of a single mother in a slum called Kawempe, an area close to the city of Kampala. It is one of the poorest, most densely populated slum with more than 90,000 people live without basic services such as little or substandard education, poverty and poor infrastructure, water, shelter, health services and sanitation.

As a social worker and a victim of such a horrible back ground, having worked and volunteered with different organizations and churches and realizing the appealing changes people in Kampala’s poorest and most marginalized slum areas and rural villages of Uganda Africa are facing, especially the children and young women, Sam decided to initiate Peculiar Child Care Support with an aim of working to reduce the unbridled problems facing children and young people in the most impoverished communities of Uganda, to begin with his own.

Using the skills, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm he had acquired, Samuel addressed the problems of the communities and raised awareness to cultivate support from his generous friends in Europe and other like-minded established partnerships to solve the problems, hence contributing to social change, envisioning the empowerment of the existence of underprivileged children, young women, families and communities in their quest to achieve a healthier, more thriving and happier life.

Samuel’s life-long passion; enthusiasm and desire have turned into a full-time work commitment as an Executive Director, doing what he loves best and gaining valuable knowledge and experience in managing Peculiar Child Care Support a nonprofit organization and over years PCCS has soared and made tremendous land marks on its journey.

All I want to continue doing is to serve God and people in the greatest need and to make a difference in the lives of young people especially the orphaned, vulnerable children and young women” Says Sam!!