Educating Children


Together we can bring Faith, Hope, Love and Make a difference!


Children love school that is where they first make friends. Through our life transforming projects and sponsorship opportunities, we are able to meet the needs of vulnerable children who would otherwise have no access to education and healthcare, and would never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Working with local churches and community leaders across Uganda, we identify the most vulnerable families and children in need of sponsorship and connect them with sponsors around the world through our sponsorship program. We currently run two community schools educating more children than before

For $35 a month or 420 a year you can sponsor a child today, giving them access to basic healthcare so that when they are sick they have somewhere to turn, helping them with educational costs because school is beyond the means of their family, and providing the hope of the gospel through discipleship programs and leadership training, where every child is known, cared for, and shown the love of Jesus.

We endeavor to meet their physical, social, economic and spiritual needs, as part of our holistic approach to childcare and empowerment. We encourage all children under our care to explore, discover and develop their gifts and talents and to pursue those gifts and dreams to become fulfilled God-fearing adults.