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Together we can bring Faith, Hope, Love and Make a difference!


We host and provide people from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, German, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, among many others countries from Europe, and Asia, to give a helping hand through our volunteer, internship and mission trips programs

people of all ages participate in our ongoing life transforming programs in Uganda. You do not need special skills to Get-involved but love for children and a helping heart for people in need. Whether you’re at school, a student, looking for work, employed or retired, there are many ways that you can join our work.

You can visit on a short or long mission trip and volunteer as an individual, student, family, couple or a group for a minimum of at least one month and more. Days and one (1) week to three (3) weeks can also be arranged in special cases

Uganda is honestly the most beautiful country in Africa, the people, the food, the wildlife you will fall in love with it all. Your trip, stay and time in Ugandan will give you some more feeling about the wildlife which holds most of the national parks, Mountain Gorillas, culture, water falls, beaches, slum walk among others

The organization can arrange for you transport at reasonable rates and get yourself a chance to visit some of the beautiful Ugandan sceneries.We are looking forward to speaking with you in more details about this exciting program and on how you can plan your trip to Uganda Africa and if possible, to seek a coffee or a video call appointment with you for further discussions. We are very open and can fit in your time and schedule

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