Building Schools | Classrooms

Together we can bring Faith, Hope, Love and Make a difference!


Children love school and that’s where they first make friends. Over half of the populations of each community in Uganda are children with no or little formal education, we are working to change that.

A GIFT of $5000 from well-wishers would construct a classroom and benefit more than one child, over 20 children shall benefit from your Giving”. While a onetime planned donation of $35000 from potential financial partnerships would also construct a fully furnished school of seven (7) classrooms to educate and transform lives of more than 200 children in the remote village of Uganda.

We are planning to build a better school in a bigger space, with enough classrooms, kit them out with new equipment and be accessible to as many children as possible. With more space, we will be able to increase the number of students (children) from some of the poorest families in the community helping more children than ever attend school. All students will be able to graduate with a formal certificate of primary education ready for entry to our secondary/high schools.

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