Youth Eco-Empowerment

PCCS Youth empowerment programing looks at youth economic empowerment, Youth leadership training and development, financial inclusion of women and business toolkits. This program seeks to enable the disadvantaged youth, children and women in Kampala’s slums to transit from lives of crime and poverty to lives of productive occupation.

Under the Youth Economic empowerment tenet, youth are equipped with skills in various vocational courses like Tailoring and fashion designing among others. This seeks to ensure young people gain access to upskilling and employment opportunities irrespective of formal education.


Young Women Entrepreneurship Skills Project

As part of the program, the Youth are also equipped with entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, soft and hard skills for career and professional development (How to make it in the Contemporary Business World) and this fosters exposure of trained youth in the work environment.

PCCS aims at enhance the capacities and competitive advantage of rural and slum youth to enable them to enter the job market as qualified employees and business owners.

Youth Leadership Training and Development

PCCS’s belief is that a strong leadership and entrepreneurial approach practically implemented at the grass roots gives an effective path to creation of sustainable development opportunities in effort to meet the essential human needs. The program will continue to train today’s and future Uganda’s leaders with strong emphasis on strengthening the moral fiber, accountability, integrity, and innovations that promote social justice.