Donate Now, Make Payments?

You can DONATE and pay by Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card. This actually helps our organization if you choose this option, so we encourage it! Please remember to notify us when your credit card number or expiration date changes so we can ensure that your payment stays up-to-date.

You can also pay online but you will first have to register on our Donation/Sponsor registration page. After you register we will have to validate and activate your account; this is accomplished within 24 hours except on the weekend or holidays.

We don’t give the Child or their family money directly, our Uganda Sponsorship/Donation Office administers the program, pays school tuition, arranges for uniforms & shoes, etc. on behalf of the family. This ensures that your money is used appropriately.

You can also send monetary gifts through our partner organizations office that is if you are in the US or UK, and you can also send packages directly to Uganda via our mail address. Your child or Children are not penalized if your donation is late or missed. However we do appreciate it if your sponsorship donations arrive on time. We do reserve the right to cancel your sponsorship if you fall 3 months behind in your sponsorship donations. Sponsor Now →
Thank you for donating and sponsoring a child. We pray it will be a rewarding experience for both of you!