Community OutReach

The Community Outreach Program is a multicultural program strategically targeting people living in low-income slum areas and rural communities of Uganda, promoting self-sufficiency and a community sense of belonging among people. Following the Chinese poem; “we go to the people live among the people learn from them. We start with what they know build on what they have. But of the best leaders, When their task is accomplished … Their work is done, The people will say… We have done it ourselves.”


Individualized assistance

Our outreach approach provides on-going assistance to low-income individuals and families who are in crisis and have specific needs. We listen to community members in a culturally sensitive way, usually in their native language, and connect them with necessary services. We work with strategic partnerships and volunteers to increase community’s access to equitable and quality services and strengthening community involvement in development activities.

Special events

Throughout the year we also organize special events for our community. Many of these events are designed to preserve the unique cultures of our clients, including multicultural festivals. Other special events include giving to the needy and wash hand activities, health fairs, leadership seminars, vocational training workshops and clothing drives.