Help us build schools!!


Help us build schools!! (Brief Story of the School Projects)

The current Schools under PCCS gives over 420 children a safe place in which they can learn, however the increase in running costs is now threatening this for the short term whilst the Rebuild Project to purchase land is underway. Due to increasing rent, lack of space to accommodate a full primary education PCCS has started a campaign aimed at attracting possible partners and donors to this cause. We intend to set up schools in rural areas and slum communities, to offer free education and a safe space for learning.

What? (Problem)

Due to increasing rent and lack of space to accommodate a full primary education up to P7, we want to buy our own land and rebuild the Blessed Education Centre! We are planning to build more classrooms, kit them out with new equipment and be accessible to as many children as possible. Over half of the populations of the community have no or little formal education, PCCS are working to change that. With more space, we will be able to increase the number of students from some of the poorest families in the community helping more children than ever attend school. This means 2 specially adapted nursery classrooms and we will be adding two extra year groups so all Blessed students graduate with a formal certificate of education ready for entry to secondary school.

Why? (Education)

Education is one of the most important tools to alleviate poverty. 700,000 children have no access to school in Uganda and 81% of parents lack money to send their kids to school. We want to tackle this problem head on and provide accessible education to kids in poverty in this impoverished community. The current Blessed Education Centre has given hundreds of children a safe place in which they can learn and now it is time to expand this amazing school with a safer, larger space which can be adapted for PCCS’s needs.

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