About PCCS

Peculiar Child Care Support is a non-profit organization currently registered in Uganda Africa to serve and transform lives of vulnerable children and youth living in poorest slum areas and marginalized rural communities of Uganda. The organization has a targeted focus upon providing access to healthcare, education and economic empowerment projects and mainstreams child rights and gender equality throughout its projects.

Our projects are community based and they are geared towards sustainability, accomplishing our mission relies on partnerships with people like you. We provide people an opportunity to help those less fortunate than themselves especially the children and young women. You may choose to Volunteer with us and give a helping hand, make a Donation towards the food, health, education, school construction OR to Sponsor a Child.

We Invite and Welcome Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Mission groups and students of all ages to participate in our ongoing life transforming programs and community developments in Uganda. You can partner as an individual, family, company, organization, church, foundation, couple or a group. Whether you’re at school, a student, looking for work, employed or retired, there are many ways that you can GET-Involved at PCCS (UGANDA - AFRICA).  

Our Vision

A Society free to poverty that is enterprising and Innovative.

Our Mission

“To take action for fundamental change and development to eradicate poverty in the communities of Uganda.

Our Values

We are accountable to the young people that we represent, while also holding government and other actors to accountable to their obligations. We act consistently with our mission being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
Equal Opportunity

Our Approach to Programming

By-Youth, With-Children, For-Young People
At Peculiar Child Care Support from our very inception we were set up and will always maintain a clear “Youth and Children-are-Central” brand in all that we do from the design, through implementation, monitoring, evaluations, learning and reporting of all our programmes. We seek to remain relevant to and address the realities, and aspirations of young people as the drivers of economic growth and national transformation. .
Mindset Change
Inclusive Participation
Creative Innovation