About PCCS

Peculiar Child Care Support; is a grassroots non-profit Christian organization currently registered in Uganda Africa to serve and transform lives of vulnerable children and youth living in poorest Kampala slum areas and remote rural communities of Uganda with the action love of God.

The organization has a targeted focus upon providing access to education, healthcare, discipleship, (leadership formation) and skills development projects that mainstreams the action love of God, child rights and gender equality throughout the projects. Projects are community based and they are geared towards sustainability.

Accomplishing our mission relies on partnerships with people like you, we work with Churches, NGO’s, Universities, individuals, groups and other like-minded partners to support young people especially the children in Uganda. “You can be someone’s miracle today. You have something that someone else needs, and you can influence people in ways no one else can. Take time to reach out to others. Sow seeds of kindness, love, and mercy, and watch how God will use you.” PCCS is also looking forward to being registered as a 501(c)(3) in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, in the near future to cultivate grants and to work with as many partners and missionaries from all around the world on a global life transforming projects and developments in Uganda (Africa)  


Godly, innovative and enterprising poverty free community.


To be a Voice of Hope, Action of Love, that establish, equip, empower and support young people in communities with divine knowledge and development through our life transforming projects and other strategic partnerships


To equip, empower and support young adults. Develop the capacity of children and young adults in community through divine knowledge.


We put God, children and young adults in the center because we can not overcome poverty if the young people are not nurtured and empowered in all wisdom to be self-sustaining and responsible leaders in the future.

Our Values

We are accountable to the young people that we represent, while also holding government and other actors to accountable to their obligations. We act consistently with our mission being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
Equal Opportunity

Our Approach to Programming

By-Youth, With-Children, For-Young People
At Peculiar Child Care Support from our very inception we were set up and will always maintain a clear “Youth and Children-are-Central” brand in all that we do from the design, through implementation, monitoring, evaluations, learning and reporting of all our programmes. We seek to remain relevant to and address the realities, and aspirations of young people as the drivers of economic growth and national transformation. .
Mindset Change
Inclusive Participation
Creative Innovation